• Teamwork. Think of us as your extended Marketing Department.

We don’t operate independently; we work with you and for you. We’re your teammates. We have no allegiance to any one medium or station. We’re bottom line people. As an integrated part of your team we’re a consistent presence with the ability to roll with the punches.

  • 35+ years of experience.

Want Addy’s or Case Studies? We’ve got them. What’s important to us is Results. Check out what others say about us.

  • We’re Local.

We place more than 3 million dollars in the local market each year. Our relationships with local media ensure that our clients get the best avails at the most efficient cost, stretching your media dollars.

  • Transparency.

We offer marketing expertise, but execute our strategy within the boundaries of your vision. You maintain ultimate approval while we handle the legwork.

  • One bill.

No more sifting through multiple media invoices that can be difficult to understand. We do a post-buy analysis on every endeavor, making sure you get what you pay for.