Higher Education

  • Client: University MBA
  • Goal: Increase enrollment by 5%
  • Strategy: Focus on speed of completion and better chance for advancement.
  • Results: 20% enrollment increase in fall semester.
  • 36% enrollment increase in spring semester.
  • Media: Outdoor, Radio, Digital, Print


  • Client: Fast Food
  • Goal: Minimum 3% sales increase
  • Strategy: Update and energize the brand. Create new target demographic.  Revise creative strategy.  Revise media strategy.
  • Results: 30% increase in same store sales after the first annual campaign
  • Media: TV, Radio, Digital, POS in-store displays


  • Client: Local Hospital
  • Goal: Increase brand awareness and selected services
  • Strategy: Utilize media mix.  Create timely messages that support the brand.  Develop a unique and proprietary creative message.
  • Results: All four selected service lines experienced increase.  Unaided employee survey yielded the highest rank of employee satisfaction in company history.  Unaided brand recall yielded highest rank of brand awareness in company history.
  • Media: Outdoor, Radio, Digital, Print


  • Client: OKC Car Dealer
  • Goal: Increased sales leads
  • Strategy: Convert past low-squad buying approach to higher rated programming, utilizing 30’s and 15’s.
  • Institute new creative and talent
  • Results: 16% sales increase with 0 budget increase
  • Media: TV, Digital, Radio